Stephan Buys, Concierge Supervisor, Hilton London Heathrow Airport

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a Concierge?
The fact that no one day is the same, every day comes with a new challenge, big or small but never dull – from finding a certain wooden toy to fixing a broken heal of a shoe, etc! The most satisfaction that I personally get is when that guest that you advised and sent away in the morning, walks past the desk in the evening praising your good recommendation out loud! Just knowing that you have made that London trip the most enjoyable and fun that you could have even if it is not the first time the guest visits the Capital.

Q: What was the strangest request you ever had from a Guest?
Well that is measured between the scales of strange and weird. We have had people ask to book a private jet to New York because his wife is complaining too much and also people asking where they can go to a naked beach!

Q: How critical are you when you stay in another hotel?
To be honest we do look firstly at the check in process and also the Concierge experience and weigh that up to our own property but we do not complain because we know that it sometimes can be stressful . And most important we tip our wonderful Concierge team member.

Q: Tell us about your favourite hidden gem in London
Well, London is still a undiscovered gem in my books because I have worked out in Heathrow my whole career, but we are discovering more and more amazing places as time goes by, from Ed’s Roadhouse Diner in Soho to The Wallace Restaurant in Hertford House.

Q: What is your most prized possession and why?
Without it sounding like a cliché, I do live for Les Clefs d’Or and my Golden Keys make me proud to be a respected member of Concierge.

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