Vladimir Susko, Guest Services Manager, Andaz Liverpool Street

Q: Tell me about how you got into your line of work…
A: Truly, I never thought I would be working in the Hotel industry. While I was finishing my BA programme in Lithuania, I took a year off and went to work on a cruise ship in Tahiti. Upon returning, I completed my degree and decided to move to London. My first job in London was in the Great Eastern Hotel, a property that used to be partly owned and run by Sir Terence Conran. Ten years passed and I am still in the industry! Now working at Andaz Liverpool Street, a new brand of hotels from Hyatt International.

Q: If you could be a concierge in another city, where would it be and why?
A: London, London, and once again London! I love this place, with all the hidden places and secret pockets of culture in every corner of the city. If I had to move, I’d probably work in Vilnius, Lithuania. It’s a bit cheeky to mention my home country, but I think it’s got the charm and qualities of a world city.

Q: Do you have any favourite stories from your work life?
A: During my first week in London, a famous actress arrived to check in with her entourage behind her and informed me that tonight she would be staying under the name of Ms Smith. I paused, looked back, and asked what her real name was, as the booking was under her real name and I had no idea who she was. The whole crowd burst into tears of laughter.

Q: Tell us about your favourite hidden gem in London.
A: I absolutely love the City of London and Shoreditch. So many hidden streets, squares, and corners. A mixture of several hundreds years of history and modern world, all mashed into one. It’s all summarised by an old Church next to the Andaz Liverpool Street, where I found a drawing of a little mouth on the Church porch (Banksy, I think).

Q: Do you have a special talent?
A: I calm down people around me!

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