Big British Bang Celebration at Selfridges

In honour of all things British, to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and a summer of sport, Selfridges celebrates this iconic moment for London and Britain with their Big British Bang campaign. London concierges were fortunate enough to have a wonderful preview of the Big British Shop in the Wonder Room earlier this month.

We were warmly welcomed by the new Marketing Director, Richard Taylor and treated to a delicious Champagne and canapé reception, whilst being entertained by the incredible singer Kyan, who sang British classics from Adele to the Beatles during the evening.

The most popular feature of the evening was the ‘Grabber’ (the arcade game!) – everyone was given tokens to have a go and win something!  Prizes included Selfridges gift cards, afternoon tea at Dolly’s, sweets, etc. Also very popular was the fascinating opportunity to have your silhouette cut as a take away gift. The gentleman who did them even managed to include the Champagne glasses in some of the silhouettes!

The Big British Shop is an absolute must-see in store, especially for visitors looking for great British souvenirs and of course for residents who are sourcing beautiful gifts for friends and loved ones – every great British brand that you can think of has been included, from Barbour to Burberry, Marmite to Mulberry, Paddington Bear to the Wombles, and of course life-size porcelain Corgis and Sex Pistols prints, not to mention a Tiara Shop and anything you can think of featuring a Union Jack! It’s a definite ‘must-visit’ for British gifts.

Selfridges Event 2012

Credit: Crewe Read Photography,

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Credit: Crewe Read Photography,



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